【CGTN】Zhuhai Development: Local reporter records city's changes through sketches

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Some surveys have rated Zhuhai as one of China's most livable cities. And its development has been marked not only by economic growth, but also environmental conservation. Li Sirui speaks to a journalist who's been keeping track of the city's changes in a sketchbook.

欧冠买球Zhong Fan is a reporter who's also known for his sketching skills. His drawings cover various aspects of life, from leftover food to frontline medics.But it's the sketches of Zhuhai's cityscape that are special to him. He has compiled more than a thousand of such pieces over the past decade.We're visiting two places to compare his sketches from years ago with the present.

欧冠买球Out first stop, the Zhuhai Grand Theater, is a city landmark.Zhong says its construction had sparked a debate among developers and residents. Such a massive structure was seen as a disruption to the environment and even lifestyles.It was only after its completion that it gained positive reception, with many residents praising how its form and appearance complement the surroundings.

Reporter: This is….

Zhong: This is my sketch of the Zhuhai Theater in 2013.

Reporter: So which one is this "shell" we are seeing here?

Zhong: The smallest "shell", the one in the front. And this is the inner structure of the bigger ones behind it.

ZHONG FANReporter, Zhuhai Media "After a decade of sketching, I've noticed that Zhuhai has gotten cleaner and prettier. The city has built more parks, which have made it look even better."

欧冠买球Our next stop is the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, from where we can see the outlines of Hengqin Island across the sea. Residents have witnessed Hengqin's rapid growth since its listing as a free trade zone in 2015. They say buildings have sprouted like bamboo shoots.

欧冠买球In 2019 alone, more than 700 enterprises set up shop in Hengqin.The term "Shenzhen Speed" has been used to describe the fast pace at which Shenzhen city developed. Zhong likens it to the speed at which Hengqin itself has grown.

ZHONG FANReporter, Zhuhai Media "Zhuhai changes on a daily basis. I'm so lucky to be a part of it and to be able to record the changes in my own way. I will keep drawing and, in the future, people can witness Zhuhai from this account of history."

Some experts have commended how Zhuhai has not sacrificed environmental protection for economic growth. And many people in Zhuhai take pride in the clean air and blue skies.

PROFESSOR LI CONGDONGJinan University School of Management "Our evaluation standards have changed. We don't want high-speed development. We want high-quality development. We care more about which sector boosts a city's wealth. We look at whether a city's industry, value, and supply chains integrate well. I think Zhuhai's current industrial structure is moving in a very healthy direction."

Zhong says he also plans to keep such records of nearby cities.He believes time is best witnessed on paper. Lu Sirui, CGTN, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.